Thursday, January 14, 2016

Great lovers of Life!

Meeting Lila Rose, Glenn Beck,  Crystal, Jenna and Dan, and David Daleiden and being with our wonderful friend, Rebecca Kiessling,  hearing and knowing their stories was truly powerful. These people LIVE JESUS!! They humble me and all the more inspire me to never stop fighting and praying for ALL life.  Abortion is the Holocaust of our generation.  How God's heart breaks. Abortion stops a beating heart and terribly wounds a woman's heart, both the mother of the baby and the father of the baby's hearts.

David Daleiden exposed Planned Parenthood. God bless him for standing strong for life!

 My mom and I got to meet Glenn Beck which was amazing!!  He is this humble man, and he is so kind!  He was leaving the set area as my mom and I were having a photo outside the studio, and we had the blessing of him photo bombing us and then talking to him. What a wonderful, humble and kind man who is such a bold voice for truth and justice and love!

Jenna and Dan have a son who was born with anacephaly and it is a poor in utero diagnosis. They found out their son was sick and did a bucket list to do special things with him.:):):) What a beautiful couple that love their son tangibly!

Lila Rose started Live Action which exposes Planned Parenthood, and she is so beautifully full of Jesus' love and life and passion for all that grieves Jesus' heart.  Please support Live Action as they are Jesus' very heart in this dark time where babies' lives are being robbed from them in this culture of death. She has a heart of gold as does her staff like sweet Becky Yeh!

Crystal Willis-Blount was raped and chose life and her daughter is now 17 and again this is another strong, beautiful woman who is a loving voice of truth and love and hope.

Mom and me with these wonderful souls: Jenna, Crystal and Rebecca.

Rebecca Keissling was conceived in rape and she explains that the law ultimately saved her life because had it not been illegal, her mother would have aborted her.  Rebecca founded Save the 1 and was the one who sought us out to share my poor in utero diagnosis story. She like our dear friend, Darlene Pawlik and all theses souls I have mentioned are bold voices in this generation for Jesus' heart for ALL life. ALL life is valuable.  God determines our value! Not man!

These are stories of hope, ones that only Jesus can give hope!!!!!!!!!

Beauty! True humbled beauty that our Yeshua gives!  He is raising up voices to be HIS very heart to this generation.

Please check out Darling Princess!

 I had the joy and pleasure of meeting a wonderful woman who loves Jesus so much and has a powerful story of redemption, life and hope. She has generously allowed me to share her link and I so encourage everyone to check this out.

So I joyfully introduce to you, Darlene Pawlik, a great lover of Jesus that God has connected me with to further bring awareness to the hope found in Jesus Christ and His Heart for ALL life and the sanctity of life.

I love her resource because it shares about the reality of our society and that we must stand for which is ALL life, not stand for only some. If we are going to be His vessels to end abortion we must be His heart for ALL life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now introducing another fabulous woman I met at the conference, Rebecca Kiessling. She is also a mover and shaker for Jesus like Darlene.:) See her story and God mission:)

Please check out Darling Princess & Save The 1 !!!!!

Poor in Utero Diagnosis

Our humanity is not defined by our health status.  We are intrinsicly valuable made in God's image.  Our value comes from who we are in Jesus! Someone who has a poor in utero diagnosis is as valuable as someone who isn't sick. We must see life as defined through Jesus' lens.