Thursday, January 14, 2016

Please check out Darling Princess!

 I had the joy and pleasure of meeting a wonderful woman who loves Jesus so much and has a powerful story of redemption, life and hope. She has generously allowed me to share her link and I so encourage everyone to check this out.

So I joyfully introduce to you, Darlene Pawlik, a great lover of Jesus that God has connected me with to further bring awareness to the hope found in Jesus Christ and His Heart for ALL life and the sanctity of life.

I love her resource because it shares about the reality of our society and that we must stand for which is ALL life, not stand for only some. If we are going to be His vessels to end abortion we must be His heart for ALL life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now introducing another fabulous woman I met at the conference, Rebecca Kiessling. She is also a mover and shaker for Jesus like Darlene.:) See her story and God mission:)

Please check out Darling Princess & Save The 1 !!!!!

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